Henney Bear's journey began two decades ago when designer Mr. Henney sought inspiration from historical art during a trip to Tournai, France. Enchanted by the town's rich tapestry history dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries, Henney envisioned merging traditional tapestry art with modern fashion.

After extensive exploration and experimentation with various materials and colors, Henney innovatively crafted designer handbags, marrying traditional techniques with modern production methods. His expertise in global fashion enabled the creation of an exquisite range, including backpacks, clutch bags, travel bags, crossbody and top handle handbags.

The inaugural collection paid homage to renowned British artist William Morris's traditional tapestry works. Additionally, as a tribute to its British roots, Henney Bear's debut featured the Crown Bear theme, celebrating the global prominence of the Queen of England and the British Royal family. Through dedication and ingenuity, Henney Bear emerged as a symbol of artistry, seamlessly blending heritage with contemporary fashion.